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Flame Stoppers Health and Safety Policy
When Working During COVID-19 (Alert Level 4)

It is our commitment to work in accordance to the health and safety precautions set out by the Ministry of Health, at Flame Stoppers we aim to support our local Essential Services as well as take the extra precautions to ensure we are minimising the risk of spreading COVID-19.

The precautions we are adhering to but not limited to during this time are as follows:

Ministry of Health Guideline
• All workers to not have recently travelled overseas or had contact with someone with Covid-19
• Adhering the Social Distancing 2 metre rule
• All staff to wash hands regularly and carry personal hand sanitizer to cleanse hands
• Face mask / Respirators
• Avoid touching of face

Company Policy
• All staff to be cleared of COVID-19 before commencing work on site
• Self Evaluation Checklist before leaving home in the morning (checking for COVID-19 symptoms)
• End of Shift Evaluation Checklist (checking for COVID-19 symptoms)
• Essential PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) worn at all times, ie. commercial grade face mask, disposable gloves,           overalls, eye protection
• Disposable Boot Covers
• Disposable PPE to be disposed of and renewed after each use

• Tools & Equipment wiped down and disinfected
• Register of workers locations and times at location
• Person to person interactions avoided where possible, if not possible then 2 metre social distancing applies -                     including material pickup / delivery
• Food consumed off site
• Manager to conduct daily toolbox talk
• No movement on site where work is not required

All these items are addressed and detailed in our SSSP (Site Specific Safety Plan) and SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement) to ensure all workers and stakeholders are aware of the procedures and their responsibilities.

We will strictly maintain these practises and if any staff show signs of COVID-19 we will immediately stop work and have all staff tested for the virus, including contact tracing.








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