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Our Story

Flame Stoppers company founders come from a Tier 1 Main Contracting background and have worked on delivering many iconic projects ranging from $4m to $100m+ in Auckland. This has allowed them to develop a very clear picture of how 'the perfect subcontractor' should perform. Due to the current construction boom we have found the subcontractor pool too often falls short of the mark and does not have the adequate systems, skills, management & vision in place to meet the expectations of the industry and key clients such as Council, Fire Engineers & the Main Contractor.

With close to 20 years of experience between them, our Management Team has the common goal of leveraging their unique skillset and knowledge to upscale the New Zealand construction industry on Passive Fire Protection. 

Having experienced the industry pressures first-hand and understanding clients more then ever, we are able to deliver exceptional performance to best meet their needs by focusing on TIME, COST, QUALITY, and HEALTH & SAFETY. 

These key deliverables are paramount to the successful delivery of any construction project.

Our People

At Flame Stoppers we put our Clients & People first. Our team and the relationships they have developed are our greatest assets. We continue to invest in both of these areas, not only by keeping our promises and delivering to our targets, but simply by how we do things. 

All staff receive in-house training as well as additional

on-site training & support from our suppliers, who are willing to attest to our standards of workmanship. This ensures valuable knowledge & experience is passed on to those new to the industry and closing the loop on a stringent QA process.

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Flame Stoppers Our Values

Our Values

Flame Stoppers is here to provide a positive Passive Fire experience that exceeds client expectations. 


We know Passive Fire & we understand Construction. 

We believe there is a better way to deliver Passive Fire.


We're aim to be NZ's Preferred Passive Fire partner.


We're here to make a difference & we love to give back.

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Our Points of Difference

Unlike other Passive Fire companies, we're committed to employing local talent, & keeping Passive expertise in NZ.

Positively Passive offers a new model for providing Passive Fire Protection. We believe there is a better way.


Where others are simply about getting the job done, Flame Stoppers is all about getting it done right.


Positively Passive enables a Total Value Management (TVM) approach to Passive Fire Protection. 

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Our Management Team

Flame Stoppers has assembled an experienced team who bring a wealth of expertise to each new Passive Fire project. We are all passionate about bringing about positive change in Passive Fire Protection, and we are going to great lengths to ensure our knowledge in this field is the best in the industry. Our team, currently 25, is growing - and so is our reputation for quality and service.

Our management is committed to supporting our local industry - by hiring exceptional local talent, investing in
their ongoing development, and giving back to the industry through wider mentoring and educational support.

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Our Partnerships

We are proud to be working with many of New Zealand's leading commercial construction companies. Together we are successfully delivering some of the most high-profile and significant projects on the market - and continuously taking Passive Fire Protection to new levels as we do.

We're members of the Fire Protections Association (FPA) of New Zealand, and we're also proud to belong to both the NZIQS & NZIOB.

We are paying it forward through mentoring and guidance of some of the industry's new QS talent, in much the same way our founders were given support, early in their own career

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Our Clients

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Contact us today and find out how we can help.

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