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Check on your MATES

It was great to see the Flame Stoppers team complete a training session with MATES in Construction NZ in March 2021 with great feedback from our guys and the MATES field officers.

The key takeaways for the guys that attended were to be aware of the issues that people face with stress, depression, feeling down, life pressures and suicide in the extreme, and that it's okay to talk about it and look out for each other if we see one of our mates facing problems with work or with life in general. Following the training session, we had 4 volunteers to do the next part of the MATES programme, which speaks to the willingness and spirit of Flame Stoppers to look after our team and connect them to help.

MATES runs Suicide prevention programmes for the construction industry workplace and have been gaining plenty of much needed support and uptake in the industry - the suicide rate for construction workers is still rising so it's important that we do as much as we can to raise awareness and support our MATES.


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